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Or, how to make the new rituals take root so they happen automatically.

The Key: you have to make it become a conditioned response.

First things you need to know about “anchoring”:

1 You are already doing this.
2 Anything that happens around you consistently while you are in state creates an anchor.

You willpower is not fail-proof. Use it to create a new automatic anchor that will assist you when you are not at your best, and multiply your results when you are already in good shape.

Eg. if there is music that the moment you listen it, it makes you feel great- why not use it? why not create a success CD? (or itunes list :) )

It’s not just a matter of creating new positive anchors, how can you eliminate the negative anchors?

There are some emotionally charged events in the past that have conditioned us to feel depressed, anxious, insecure or overwhelmed whenever they cross our path.

It may be a past relationship, a specific place, a certain event.

There is way to overcome this – not only to drop the negative conditioning, but to change its meaning into a POSITIVE conditioning, so that next time you encounter the anchor you feel GREAT, powerful, confident. Sounds too good? That’s what I thought.

Introducing the Swish Pattern: a way to develop a new way of thinking, unconsciously.

This practical part of the session is very funny and liberating. Tony explains a case of how he helped an NBA superstar get back on track, explains the theory behind it, and then gets to work with you guiding through each step of process.

I doubt there is anyone who can’t benefit from this session, unless you are enlightened and always live in the present. If that is the case, you unlikely to be listening to PPII :) . We all have our hang-ups with the past. Being able to reclaim your right to feel empowered despite of them is a gem.

Thumbs up, Tony.

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