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Many people do not feel successful even though their external circumstances may indicate otherwise, because they haven’t defined what success and failure means for them.

Robbins recommends creating two new definitions of success and failure:

What has to happen in order for me to feel like a failure?
What has to happen to me in order for me feel successful?

“What would you attempt to do if it was impossible for you to fail?”

Almost anything, right?

Well if you set up the right rules for yourself, it -will- be impossible for you to fail. The only way you could would be to completely give up. No way that is going to happen!

If your heart is moving, that’s the clock ticking, you are in good shape!

To be in control make sure you define them, not society or your external circumstances.

If you want to succeed in your life, remember this phrase: “The past does not equal the future”. Otherwise you go around with the heavy baggage of negative memories.

It’s one thing to know it intellectually, but how do you feel it in you gut?

1 Link pain to not changing the negative pattern
2 Link pleasure to making the change
3 Scratching the record: the eraser technique

Whenever something goes wrong, first ask: what can i learn from this?

Then use the eraser technique to get rid of the bad feelings

Then put yourself into a peak state to anchor yourself to success (boom!)

That way you prevent the negative pattern to be installed and guarantee an empowering one is set in place. The previous steps are clearly explained in the session, I just wrote an outline.

Some of us are afraid of success because we figure that if we succeed then we make it easier for us to fail in the future in comparison. Bizarre traps we create for ourselves! Stay out of those traps. Condition yourself so you stay away from those feelings of what you used to call failure, and condition yourself to get ever closer to the feelings of success.

Let’s do this:

1 decide you want to get rid of the fear
2 get some leverage: all you will lose and gain by linking pleasure to success and pain to failure
3 interrupt the pattern

1 I want to get rid of the fear of being real in front of everyone (the Internets!)
2 If I don’t, I miss out on hundreds if not thousands of emails from people opening up to me and thanking them for how my work has had a positive impact in their lives
3 Every time I catch myself in that pattern: interrupt by feeling terrific.

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